Philologic getobjectpl

philologic getobjectpl

2 Sutta, Anguttara Nikaya Pali-English Dictionary http:// philologic / getobject, The Pali Text.
accessed October 24, philologic / getobject and which Nánamoli translates as “purity”.
Ibid., philologic / c.0 Michèle Duchet, Anthropologie et histoire au siècle des....

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philologic getobjectpl

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Note return to page The Gulf of Aïas. Note return to page A female phantom said to devour children, used by nurses as a bugbear to intimidate their refractory charges. Fasch, and so descended into the Black Sea and Mediterranean. Eratosthenes, we must first of all mention what he did for geography,. Note return to page The Indus.